Intervet’s bird flu vaccine receives EU license

11-05-2007 | |
Intervet’s bird flu vaccine receives EU license

Intervet, a leading animal health company, received approval for its bird flu vaccine Nobilis® Influenza H7N1. Europe now has a licensed vaccine to protect birds against the H7 field strain.

In 2006, the European Commission approved Nobilis® Influenza H5N2. The CVMP (Committee for Medicinal Products for Veterinary use) highlighted that the current concerns about avian influenza have mainly focused on H5 strains, but that the danger posed by H7 strains should not be ignored.
The vaccine protects against the different varieties of the highly pathogenic H7 field strain. If embedded in national control programmes, vaccination contributes substantially to controlling bird flu and reducing the circulation of the bird flu virus in the bird population, thereby reducing the chance of human infection.
The vaccine contains inactivated virus, and has to be injected in order to get a full immune response. Intervet research is investigating the possibilities for a new vaccine type for mass application avoiding injection.
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