IPE/IFE kicks off in Atlanta

29-01-2009 | |

Atlanta is the place to be! Today, Wednesday 28 January, the International Poultry Exhibiton (IPE) and the International Feed Expo (IFE) kicked off.

The main attraction is the giant exhibit floor, filled with new products, technology and inovations used in the production and processing of poultry and eggs and feed manufacturing. Also an aray of meetings, education programmes, and other activities complement the event for the poultry and feed industry.

New for 2009 is an Animal Agriculture Environmental sustainability Summit, featuring experts from animal agriculture and representatives from food service and retail industries. They examine the challenges of sustainability and protecting the environment, then describe effictive strategies.

The US National Rendering Association is co-sponsoring the summit. The NRA is an alliance of companies that specialise in reusing or recycling sustainable animal by-products such as animal fat, bone, hide, offal, feathers and blood into beneficial commodities including tallow, grease, and protein meals.

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist