Iranian bid on French poultry company Doux

16-08-2012 | |
Iranian bid on French poultry company Doux

An unnamed company from Iran has made a bid to take over the processing unit in Graincourt of bankrupt French poultry enterprise, Doux Group.

The offer, presented at the Doux works council (CGT) on Monday, states that the Iranian company is to keep the 254 employees and to double production to 500,000 chickens a week against around 250,000 before the liquidation of the company, according to Hélène Guéant, delegate CGT.

In proposals of other candidates for taking over the company many jobs would be lost at all facilities of Doux.

The Iranian company also intends to add a freezing line to the processing plant which would operate in a two shift period of seven hours each and with the option to extend to a night shift.

Filed Friday, the offer of the Iranian society, whose name was not revealed, “is not admissible in a legal sense as is” but can be improved, explained Sophie Gautier , a director in charge of judicial records of Doux.

The Commercial Court of Quimper, who was involved in Doux’s bankruptcy is to decide early September which offers are of interest.

So far, five serious offers have been made for partial acquisition of several sites, planning to preserve between 450 and 500 jobs of the 1700 on the payroll.

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