ISA Brown and Hisex White back in Argentinean market

28-06-2012 | |

Jorju, located in the city of Marcos Paz and with a long history in the Argentinean poultry business, has partnered with ISA to launch the products ISA Brown and Hisex White in the country.

Jorju is one of the leading companies distributing day old chicks in Argentina, owning its own PS farms, hatchery, commercial layers and egg packing plant with a selected team of people taking care of sales and technical issues in the country.

Pedro Maldini, president of Jorju explained the importance of acquiring products from ISA. “I’m proud of our company and the accomplishments we have had in the past, and especially optimistic about what we will be able to achieve in the future, together with ISA. We evaluate the re-launching of HISEX and ISA Brown as very successful, and hope to be able to do some very good business in the future.”