ISA meets the Japanese egg industry

26-08-2011 | |

From July 12-15, 2011, four large seminars, organised by ISA Japan, took place in Tokyo, Nagoya, Kagoshima en Okayama.

Each seminar was visited by over 100 participants, most of them were egg producers. Also people from feed companies, animal health suppliers and other supporting industries were present.

Next to a presentation by Arian Groot about the developments in ISA/Hendrix Genetics and the progress in the breeding program and the products, also performance data of the ISA products in Japan were presented by ISA’s partners in Japan.

The most important conclusions from the events were that the ISA breeding program is a leader in the industry, thanks to its excellent facilities, state of the art R&D, customer focus, impressive size, advanced genomics program and large gene pool.

Within 10 years from now, many flocks will produce over 500 eggs per hen housed in 100 weeks, without molting, while maintaining good shell and internal quality.

The ISA products marketed in Japan deliver more income per HH than the other products available in the market, thanks to the high egg production, excellent quality and favorable feed conversion.

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