Israel to compensate poultry farmers

26-07-2006 | |

The Israel Poultry Board will compensate poultry growers in the northern region in Israel, paying them a minimum guaranteed price for their produce to help minimise the losses they have suffered during the hostilities along the Israeli-Lebanese border.

Most of the settlements along the northern border are engaged in chicken growing, and the agricultural infrastructure there is the largest and most advanced in the country, as well as being the sole source of income for thousands of families.

Rockets shot into Israel from Lebanon resulted in the closure of two large slaughterhouses in the Upper Galilee, leaving local farmers with nowhere to send their chickens.

The Poultry Board is trying to arrange for the large slaughterhouses in other parts of the country to process the chickens from the Galilee. At this time, negotiations are for 2,000 tonnes of product, or until the end of the hostilities in the region.

Secretary of the Poultry Growers Association Yaakov Cohen commented that the guaranteed price for the farmers will prevent losses and will enable to keep the sector active and fulfil its task of supplying poultry meat for the population.