Israel to import chickens from Turkey

11-09-2006 | |
Israel to import chickens from Turkey

Owing to the hostilities in the northern part of Israel, which severely damaged the poultry sector in the region, Israel has decided to import 25 million eggs from Turkey—15 million for home consumption and 10 million for industrial processing.

The decision to import eggs is to ensure proper supply before the Jewish New Year on September 23.
In many settlements along the Israeli-Lebanese border, poultry is the main agricultural sector , and this region is the country’s major supplier of eggs and poultry.
Many coops were damaged during the war and the shelling for nearly a month caused a reduction in productivity. Israeli growers maintain that full-scale production will return to normal within 2-3 weeks, noting that the import license given to distributors and local production will not cause any shortage in the near future.
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