Israeli chicken consumption increasing

02-01-2007 | |

According to a recent survey commissioned by economists Dun & Bradstreet, Israeli poultry consumption has increased by 6.5 kilograms per person over the past eight years, making poultry the clear favourite protein source for the nation.

The survey estimates total poultry consumption per person at more than 36 kilos (79.2 pounds) annually – constituting more than three quarters of the meat consumed in Israel. Beef accounts for ten percent of total meat consumption, while turkey has eight percent and lamb has less than one percent.
Comparatively, Italy and France consume around one third of this amount, whereas Canadian consumption is similar to that of Israel. US consumption of poultry stands at 40.8 kilos per person annually – the highest level in the world.
Israel produces more than 300,000 tons of chicken and 100,000 tons of turkey per year.
The poultry raising industry, which includes chickens and turkeys, is estimated at NIS 4.2 billion (US$1 billion) retail. In spite of the recent drop in prices, volume has remained stable over the past several years, owing mostly to increasing consumption levels.
Chilled poultry is the preferred product for the Israeli consumer, with about 77 percent of all poultry sold in Israel being chilled product. Frozen poultry currently accounts for 20 percent of the market.