Jakarta to relocate poultry facilities

24-01-2007 | |

Plans are underway in Indonesia’s largest city, Jakarta. The city administration is preparing to relocate bird markets and poultry storage and slaughtering facilities city-wide, with the aim of preventing further outbreaks of bird flu during the rainy season.

Deden Supriadi, assistant to the city secretary for economics, said that the selected areas for slaughterhouses are Cakung and Rawa Kepiting in East Jakarta. Storage facilities and bird markets will be relocated to Sukapura in North Jakarta and Cibubur in East Jakarta.
The relocation plan was discussed with the Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Agency and traditional market operators PD Pasar Jaya and PD Darma Jaya.
“The agency will handle the relocation of storage facilities, Pasar Jaya will be responsible for the relocation of slaughterhouses and Darma Jaya will prepare the infrastructure for the new slaughterhouses,” said Deden Supriadi.
According to the husbandry and fisheries agency, there are more than 700 poultry slaughtering facilities in the city, two-thirds of which are located in Central and East Jakarta.
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