JBS United introduces key communication tool

21-09-2007 | |

Following the launch of OptiPhos, a technologically advanced phytase enzyme product, JBS United introduces a new website providing up-to-date information for pig and poultry producers worldwide.

“The OptiPhos website provides livestock producers throughout the world with research and product information to help them improve animal nutrition, while at the same time improving the environment by reducing the amount of phosphorus that is released onto land,” says Mike Shingler, director of marketing and public relations for JBS United.
According to the company, OptiPhos helps pig and poultry producers better address the challenges of managing diet quality, diet cost and animal waste by further improving their animals’ utilisation of phosphorous.
Producers can therefore substantially enhance their animals’ diet by better utilising the phosphorus present in feed grain, thereby reducing the use and expense of inorganic phosphorus supplements.
The website: www.optiphos.net
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