Kemin AgriFoods creates new global marketing team

18-08-2010 | |

Kemin announces the creation of five positions that will comprise a new global AgriFoods marketing team. This team will manage comprehensive marketing strategies from a global perspective that will align regional strategies and synergize the marketing and innovation efforts of Kemin worldwide.

The marketing team are: Chandru (K.V. Chandrasekar); Monika Bieber-Wlaschny Ph.D; RC (R. Chanthirasekaran) Ph.D; Robert Musser, Ph.D; Tin Mariën

Chandru (K.V. Chandrasekar),joins as the global product manager focusing on LYSOFORTE™ and TOXfIN®. LYSOFORTE. Since 2007, Chandru has served as product manager for Kemin AgriFoods Asia, based in Singapore, where he was responsible for repositioning LYSOFORTE for the Asia-Pacific market. Chandru holds a Doctor of Veterinary and Animal Science from Madras Veterinary College, India.

Monika Bieber-Wlaschny, Ph.D., joins as global product manager focusing on KEMZYME®, a complete solution for complex substrates. Monika brings with her more than 20 years of experience in the animal feed industry.  Having held several key roles with F. Hoffman-La Roche AG, now DSM, Monika most recently served in new business development where she was responsible for launching new products worldwide. She holds an engineering degree in agriculture and a Doctor of Animal Nutrition with a focus in fish nutrition.

RC (R. Chanthirasekaran), Ph.D., joins as the global product manager focusing on CloSTAT®, an active microbial designed to maintain ideal gastrointestinal balance.  RC joined Kemin AgriFoods India in 2005 as a technical manager and then joined the marketing team as CloSTAT product manager in 2007.  His expertise is in poultry farm and disease management. RC holds a Bachelor of Science in veterinary science from TamilNadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University and a Master of Business Administration from Bharathidasan University, TamilNadu, India.

Robert Musser, Ph.D., joins as the global product manager for the encapsulated products with a focus on the MicroPEARLS® product line. MicroPEARLS is a proprietary encapsulation method using unique spray freezing technology in the manufacturing of LysiPEARL™, MetiPEARL™, CholiPERL™, ButiPEARL™ and AciPEARL™. Prior to joining Kemin, Musser was the managing director for the North American division of SODA Feed Ingredients, LLC, where he was responsible for establishing and developing the market for encapsulated products in North America.  Musser holds a Bachelor of Science, Master of Science and Doctor of Animal Science from Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas.

Tin Mariën joins as the marketing communications manager.  In this role, Mariën will be responsible for developing, implementing and measuring all marketing communications initiatives for Kemin AgriFoods.  Mariën joined Kemin in 1996 as the advertising and promotion officer for Kemin Europe.  Prior to joining Kemin, Mariën earned a Master of Visual Arts from the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgium.  

Ad Bal Freelance journalist