Kenya to introduce law to regulate poultry sector

17-09-2008 | |

Investors in Kenya’s poultry industry are currently finalising a draft on the sector’s proposed policy, intended to guide the development of poultry.

Chairperson of the Kenya Poultry Farmers Association, Wairimu Kariuki, said a task force formed by the Ministry of Livestock Development had convened several meetings across the country and would finalise the draft by next month.
She said that the draft will form a Bill. If and when it is passed by parliament, it will become a law.
Joseph Egessa who is in charge of livestock production at the Ministry of Livestock Development is chairing the 15-member task force established in March. Among the terms of reference for the team are to outline the status and contribution of poultry to the Kenyan economy, review the historical background and current status of the poultry industry and examine the functions of all players in the industry.
A government report states that there are currently nearly 30 million poultry in the country. Additionally, about 1.2 bln eggs are produced annually by farmers across the country with those dealing with broilers producing about 20,000 mt of meat.

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