Kenya to lift ban on Ugandan chicken

14-08-2008 | |
Kenya to lift ban on Ugandan chicken

Uganda’s poultry products will be exported to Kenya soon. This will end a two-year ban by the Kenya authorities.

According to reports, the decision came after talks between Ugandan poultry producers and Kenyan authorities recently.
Quality compromised
Kenyan authorities placed a ban on poultry imports because they feared Ugandan farmers compromised quality.

“They thought we did not have veterinary officers at the grassroots level. However, after investigations, they found that we had a well-rolled out veterinary outreach programme,” said Gagawala Wambuzi, the trade minister.

Ugandan Farmers affected
According to, the chairman of the Uganda Poultry Association and the managing director of UGACHICK, the ban had a massive affect on Uganda farmers.

“There was an imbalance in trade. Uganda allowed Kenyan poultry products into the country, while Kenya did not. Ugandan farmers had to compete with Kenyan poultry products,” he added.

Approximately 20,000 day-old chicks are imported into Uganda from Kenya monthly.