Lack of feed destroying Uganda poultry industry

10-07-2008 | |

The scarcity of raw materials to use in chicken feed is threatening to destroy the poultry industry in Uganda.

Feed producers throughout the country are facing problems due to the shortage of feed ingredients and are struggling to meet demand because of low production of cereals, including maize, rice bran, and wheat bran.
Members of the Uganda Poultry Association have consequently called upon the government to stop exporting unprocessed cereals, such as raw maize.
“The acute shortage of raw materials and the escalating food prices have forced many farmers to sell their birds before maturity and some have abandoned the poultry business all together,” says Chairman of the Poultry Association of Uganda and managing director of Ugachick, Aga Ssekalala.
A survey around various markets indicated that many broilers were being sold eight weeks before the maturity time.

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