Latest World Poultry & Coccidiosis special now online

25-08-2014 | |
Latest World Poultry & Coccidiosis special now online

The number 7 issue of World Poultry is available online. Again this edition contains a range of useful and interesting articles on various topics.

One such topic is how to properly grow broilers anti-biotic free. Another article focuses on Klaas Knol from Germany, who developed a new way of thinking in broiler production.

The processing section in this issue covers, amongst others, an article on the art of packaging poultry products in Latin America, as well as one on the role of blood in the chicken body.

Along with this nr 7 issue, a Special edition on managing Coccidiosis is included. In-depth and practical articles give a clear overview on the occurrence and treatment of this harmful disease, which up till today still has an serious economic impact on poultry production worldwide. Yet, currently various products and solutions are available to tackle coccidiosis as much as possible.

These are just a few selected topics. You can read the digital versions of both magazines online now.

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