Launch of new website on avian-metapneumovirus

07-07-2006 | |

In September a new website will be launched, focusing on providing easy access to information on diseases caused by avian metapneumoviruses infections such as Turkey Rhinotracheitis (TRT) and Swollen Head Syndrome (SHS).

From September, you can access the avian pneumovirus website  (the link currently leads to the Intervet website).

This site will be regularly updated and reviewed by experts in this field.

Sponsored by Intervet, has been created primarily as a source of information for the poultry industry and includes the latest on disease information, advice on control measures, sources of reference and published scientific material that can be accessed quickly.

This website joins a series of disease websites that Intervet has launched recently, including focus areas such as avian influenza, poultry safety, infectious brochitis, and gumboro .

Through these websites Intervet aims to inform the professionals in the poultry industry about the major diseases affecting poultry production.

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