Lohmann AH Indonesia discusses chicken anemia and Gumboro

05-06-2012 | |

Chicken anemia and Gumboro disease were two immunosuppressive diseases discussed by Lohmann Animal Health Indonesia (Lohmann AH Indonesia) recently in Jakarta.

At this seminar, in front of around 100 participants from the breeding and commercial sector, Lohmann AH Indonesia also announced Kalbe Animal Health – a company of Kalbe group – as their new distributor for their vaccine products.

Chicken anemia virus (CAV)
Product manager immunosuppression prevention of Lohmann AH, Marc Castells explained that chicken anemia virus (CAV) is a very small virus, about 25 nm in size. CAV is also a non-enveloped virus so that CAV is extremely resistant to most treatments and the key to control CAV is the vaccination.

Castells said that CAV transmission could occur vertically and horizontally. Infected cockerel could also transmit CAV. “Roosters transmit CAV through their semen if they are seronegative,” he added.

Anemia, depression, paleness, reduced weight gain and increased mortality are the clinical signs of CAV in your birds, according to Castells. While the gross lesions include hemorrhages, thymic and  bursal atrophy, fatty yellowish bone marrow depletion, swollen and mottled liver and gangrenous dermatitis.

To control of CAV, said Castells, it is important to prevent the induction and the increased susceptibility of pathogens such as IBD, IBV, Reo, ND, MDV, REV, bacterial and fungal diseases caused by the immunosuppression induced by CAV.

“CAV can effectively be controlled by vaccination. And AviPro Thymovac can inhibit vertical transmission of CAV and protects the progeny against horizontal infection,” said Castells.

Castells explained that the vaccine, which was first introduced in 1987, is easy to apply via drinking water, safe and high potency. Lohmann Animal Health has considerable expertise with CAV vaccination because they developed the first live CAV vaccine, which has been used worldwide for more than 20 years.  

Focus on Gumboro disease (IBD)
Thanakrid Luupanyalerd – technical services and marketing manager ASEAN, South Asia, Pacific of poultry vaccine of Lohmann AH discussed about the control of Gumboro disease in chickens including the strain of virus and the vaccines.

Luupanyalerd said that Lohmann AH has four live vaccines against IBD infection: AviPro Vibursa CE, AviPro Gumboro Vac, AviPro Precise and AviPro IBD Xtreme. Specific to AviPro IBD Xtreme, he said, “This vaccine can be applied even if high levels of maternal antibodies are present, thus providing the chicks with reliable protection against infection with vvIBDV.”

Relating to the business of feed additive of Lohmann AH Indonesia, Jatmiko said that they are still in the process of registration of those products. “I think we will be ready in 2013. Now, we focus on growing the business of our vaccines,” he said.