Merger within Dutch poultry sector

25-10-2012 | |
Merger within Dutch poultry sector

Dutch food producers, Plukon Food Group and Mijwo Beheer have concluded an agreement in principle for the merger of Plukon retail Nederland and InterChicken Bodegraven.

Both InterChicken and the Plukon Food Group specialise in fresh, pre-packaged products for the supermarket chains in north-western Europe.

The Plukon Food Group, which employs a total of 4,000 people, has five locations in the Netherlands, three in Belgium and five in Germany. The turnover from the processing activities of the Plukon Food Group in 2012 will be around 1.3 billion euros.

Besides the supermarket channel, InterChicken in Bodegraven also focuses on the market for traditional family butchers and the Out of Home market. InterChicken employs a total of 110 people and turnover from the processing activities of lnterChicken is expected to be 115 million euros in 2012.

The proposed merger of InterChicken and Plukon retail Nederland aims to further both companies’ ambitions of securing a leading position on the Dutch poultry market. After the merger, the new group will jointly encompass approximately 1.4 billion euros in turnover, more than 4,100 employees, 14 production locations and it will process some 6.7 million chickens and turkeys per week.