Meriden appoints IPCO as distributor in Yemen

15-07-2009 | |

Meriden Animal Health has appointed International Poultry Consulting Office (IPCO) as its sole distributor for the range of Meriden products in Yemen.

IPCO was represented by its Director Dr Turqi Sarakbi, who is also a poultry pathologist and expert.

According to William Stewart, Regional Sales Manager of Meriden Animal Health (UK), Dr Turqi has already been actively promoting its core product Orego-Stim® to all poultry producers and veterinarians in Yemen. He is confident that they will see positive results very quickly.

Dr Turqi believes that Yemen will be a fast-growing market for Orego-Stim®. “Our people use natural food and our chickens have vegetarian feed, therefore they welcome Orego-Stim® to prevent and control poultry gastrointestinal disease problems such as necrotic and ulcerative enteritis, and also coccidiosis. They are very happy with its efficacy and affordability, as Orego-Stim® was able to replace both amprolium and ampicillin at a single go in many broiler, layer and breeder farms.”

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