Meyn acquires BoneScan from SFT

04-07-2007 | |

Meyn Food Processing Technology B.V. and Spectral Fusion Technologies Ltd have reached an agreement concerning the acquisition of the BoneScan range of X-ray and vision-based inspection systems for poultry.

Meyn and SFT have been strategic partners for many years and have successfully cooperated in poultry processing projects where the BoneScan technology is an integrated part of the Meyn SMART solution for deboning. In order to complete its product portfolio combined with the wish to further develop the X-ray and vision technology for the poultry processing industry, Meyn has acquired the BoneScan technology and assets from SFT.
Han van der Broek, CEO of Meyn: “This acquisition will give Meyn the opportunity to further develop its strategy of incorporating new and highly advanced technologies into its systems.”
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