Meyn Report Manager to view performance

28-01-2010 | |

Meyn now offers the Meyn Report Manager to view the performance of an operation instantly and accurately in order to maintain profitability, it says.

According to Meyn Poultry Processing Solutions, analysis of production results of the last hour or the last month and every moment in between is crucial.

The Meyn Report Manager gathers information from the line control systems, stores the information into a database and publishes the information in a report. The reports will facilitate in optimally managing production processes and in maximising profits by sending the right products to the right stations.

It is a very powerful and flexible reporting tool, providing a wide variety of standardised reports such as: Destination results, batch results, product results, flock results, and line overview.

Furthermore, the Report Manager also has the option to easily customise standard reports or to build own reports based on the customers’ wishes and needs.

Meyn states that this new solution offers: comprehensive, ready-to-run reports allowing optimised production; a very high performance and instant response; an open SQL database which can easily be integrated in any high level system; a powerful and flexible reporting tool allowing to modify reports as required; and, access to the reports throughout an entire office network.

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Natalie Kinsley Freelance journalist
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