Microbial phytase alters nutrient requirements

19-04-2007 | |

Microbial phytase is more widely accepted in poultry diets to better utilise phosphorous nutrition.

Microbial phytase will increasingly contribute to ecological sustainable poultry production, according to Peter Sella and Velmurugu Ravindrab in their review in Animal Feed Science and Technology.
Effect on broilers
It appears that exogenous phytase hydrolyses less than 0.35 of dietary phytate in broilers at the ileal level. If so, there is considerable scope to enhance phytate degradation by introducing more effective phytate-degrading enzymes or enzyme combinations.
The researchers argue that there is a distinct possibility that phytate negatively influences protein and energy utilisation in poultry and, as these influences would be ameliorated by phytase, there are substantial, practical implications.
No consensus
Nevertheless, there is still no consensus as to the extent that phytase enhances protein and energy utilisation. Responses in amino acid digestibilities following phytase supplementation are variable and the underlying mechanisms have not been completely understood.
The impact of phytase on protein and energy utilisation may be more positive than generally realised, but this should become increasingly evident if greater phytate degradation rates can be achieved.
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