Mild form of avian flu found in New Jersey

02-05-2006 | |

Authorities have discovered a mild form of avian influenza at a live bird market in New Jersey, USA, but it is not the deadly H5N1 strain governments around the world are trying to contain, the state’s agriculture department said.

“The strain was found in a live bird market in Camden County. None of the birds in the market died from this virus, which is an indicator that the virus was low pathogenic and not harmful to humans,” said a statement by New Jersey’s Agriculture Secretary Charles Kuperus.

Kuperus said preliminary tests from the National Veterinary Services laboratory were negative for type N1 of the virus. More tests are pending at laboratories of the US Agriculture Department in Ames, Iowa, to confirm the strain of the virus, he added.

“The market owner voluntarily depopulated his existing flock, and the market has undergone cleaning and disinfecting under New Jersey Department of Agriculture supervision,” said Kuperus.

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