Ministry promises poultry egg producers help

29-05-2007 | |

Larry Cartwright, newly-appointed Minister of Agriculture and Marine Resources, has promised to support local egg producers who are suffering as a result of imported eggs.

Farmers in the Bahamas have been pleading for help for over a year now. Cartwright said that the Ministry is aware of the situation and is looking to solve the problem.
Owner of Nassau-based Rainbow farms, Larry Feingold, asked that the government abide by its policy, which states that as long as the industry can supply all the eggs needed in The Bahamas, the government would not allow any foreign eggs to be introduced.
Cartwright acknowledged the policy and stated that the only legal and logical reason for the influx of imported eggs is if the demand can’t be supplied locally, adding that the only way foreign eggs could be introduced is by permit from the Ministry of Agriculture. He stressed that the Ministry is aware of the problem, and will investigate and solve it.
Feingold maintains that with its Grand Bahama partner, Sunshine Farms Grand Bahama, the demand of the Bahamian population of 323,000 can be satisfied.

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