Moba introduces new egg loading concept

07-10-2008 | |
Moba introduces new egg loading concept

At the 2008 Eurotier in Hanover, Moba will introduce a brand new egg loading concept. The new loader “FL 500” will have a capacity of 500 cases per hour, which is 180,000 eggs per hour.

High capacity egg graders need high volumes of eggs to be processed. Configurations of graders can be such that the system is directly inline connected to the laying farm. In situations where the packing station is located elsewhere eggs are put on the grader by means of an egg loader.
The system can be foamed and cleaned by using high pressure cleaning equipment while the open construction enables easy access with no dirt traps. Fences around the loader do not block the view or bother the cleaning procedures, while offering the highest degree of safety to the operators, says the company.
Since egg loading onto rollers is traditionally an obstacle for capacity and egg handling, Moba believes that it has come up with a real innovation. Traditional movements have been replaced by a complex but simple mechanically driven trajectory that is able to place the eggs on the moving roller conveyor while the suction head moves for a short period with the same speed as the roller conveyor. This “common speed loading” system ensures the best thinkable egg loading for high capacity graders, says Moba.
The FL 500 will be shown on Eurotier and the standard production series will become available early 2009.
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