Murray’s welcomes new eco-friendly chicken packaging

27-03-2008 | |

Murray’s Chicken has now introduced a new eco-friendly packaging format to go with the company’s fresh chicken, said Murray’s Sales and Marketing VP Steve Gold.

Meatingplace has reported that the company’s new, single-material packaging is freezer-safe and boasts a proprietary leak-resistant seal, eliminating both the retailer’s need for additional shopping bags at the check-out counter and the consumer’s need for freezer bags at home.
Additionally, the company is reducing the size (and plastic consumption) of the brand’s master casing, which is used to deliver its products to retailers.
“What we’ve done is take away 50% of the bad stuff,” stated Gold. “Instead of the consumer throwing away the plastic and the foam, they’re just throwing away the same amount of plastic they would with a regular overwrap chicken.”
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