Nano technology in poultry feed

08-03-2013 | |
Nano technology in poultry feed

Framelco has developed a new method to increase efficacy and bio-availability of products. These products are presented in a new product line: Fra N-line.

The technique used to produce these products is unique and consists of two parts:

1)    splitting up the product in nanoparticles

2)    coat these nanoparticles.

The product obtained is a complete nanocoated product. As ‘nano’ is a synonym for ‘very small’ particles, this explains that using this method will result in more efficient use of the product.

There are several advantages:

–    improved efficacy and efficiency,

–    lower dosage with improved results,

–    no interference with other ingredients

–    and last but not least: less environmental excretion.

Framelco invites you at booth D 021 at hall 106 at VIV Asia in Bangkok. While you can enjoy a drink and a snack, our technical sales team is more than happy to update you on all of Framelco’s latest developments.

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