New animal health solutions from Kepro

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New animal health solutions from Kepro

Kepro introduces a new injectable, an oral liquid and 4 intramammary injectors. Recovite Inj., Tilmi 25% Oral and the intramammary injectors will be on display at VIV Europe 2010, from 20 – 22 April in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht, The Netherlands. “We are proud to present these new products. They contribute to our mission to help our customers solving animal health problems and at an even higher service level than before,” says Mark Slotman, Managing Director at Kepro.

Kepro produces a wide range of both sterile and non-sterile generic veterinary medicines, exported to over 70 countries all over the world. The range includes water-soluble powders, oral liquids, injectables, injectors and specialties such as boluses and antiparasitics. Kepro’s production process is subject to the latest European GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards. Slotman: “Our products contribute to animal health and –wellbeing and ensure meat safety. We offer our customers high quality products at a competitive price. Expertise and an excellent service form the finishing touch.”


Recovite Inj.
The new injectable Recovite Inj. contains organic alpha-phosphorus acid and vitamin B12. It is used in situations of metabolic and nutritional problems in animals. Slotman enumerates: “It is also an effective treatment in case of reproduction problems and it improves resistance and reduces stress.” As a whole, Recovite Inj. is a strong metabolic stimulant. The injectable is used to safely treat pigs, piglets, poultry, cattle and calves.

Tilmi 25% Oral
Tilmi 25% Oral is indicated for the control and treatment of respiratory infections in livestock and poultry. “The product contains Tilmicosin, a semi-synthesized antibiotic,”explains Slotman, “The antibacterial spectrum is mainly Gram-positive with activity against certain Gram-negative micro-organisms.”
4 new Mastitis Injectors
Kepro introduces 4 new intramammary injectors.
Mastoline, a product to treat clinical mastitis contains lincomycin and neomycin; a combination that is very effective against Staphylococcus aureus and E.coli and is bacteriostaticly active against Streptococci.


Oxamas, also a product to treat clinical mastitis is a preparation based on Oxacillin sodium monohydrate, a synthetic penicillin. It is very effective in inactivating Gram-positive bacteria.
Cloxamas Dry Cow is an anti-Staphylococcal penicillin primarily used for penicillin-G resistant organisms. It is indicated for the treatment and prevention of subclinical mastitis during the dry period.


Dryclox-N combines cloxacillin and neomycin effective in cases of mastitis during the dry period.
Local customer focus
Kepro aims to work with one exclusive distributor per country. “It is very important to use their expertise and better understand local needs. It enables us to develop tailor-made solutions for local customers,” says Slotman. At VIV Europe we aim to extend Kepro’s distributor network and to welcome existing customers. Reliability and a strong focus on customer interests and needs are leading in the co-operation with distributors, according to the Managing Director. “Only then we will be able to succeed in our goals.”


Kepro exhibits at VIV Europe at stand number 8.B064. For more information:

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