New app to evaluate heat stress in poultry farms

06-08-2015 | |
New app to evaluate heat stress in poultry farms

A novel smartphone app has been developed to help farmers identify and evaluate the risk level of heat stress in pig, poultry, dairy and beef farms.

The app, called ‘ThermoTool’, has been developed and launched by French-based animal health & nutrition company CCPA Group. From 24°C and 70% of humidity, animals struggle with heat stress which adversely impacts welfare, performances and farm profitability.

The visual application enables farmers to anticipate heat stress over five days. Should the app indeed indicate a risk of heat stress, then farmers are advised to choose different apply specific feed solutions for ruminants, swine or poultry. These solutions, based on the company’s own research, consist of natural active ingredients. They have proven their efficiency in countries where climate conditions are often extreme.

This tool can be downloaded for free on App Store and Google Play.

Improve growth and laying performance

During hot periods, poultry have to cope with many metabolic disturbances. These troubles cause metabolic disorders and a dramatic fall of feed intake. In addition to hot periods, the premix additive Axion FeedStim can be used during the critical stage of laying peak in order to boost egg production. This product, consisting of synergistic natural active ingredients, is based on phyto-expertise within the CCPA Group.

The product supports performance during hot periods by:
•    Reducing protein catabolism
•    Boosting feed intake
•    Improving laying rate by 2%
•    Maintaining the feed conversion ratio

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