New! BroMaxx Mobile Conveyor broiler harvesting system

03-03-2015 | |
New! BroMaxx Mobile Conveyor broiler harvesting system

Broiler producers need to harvest their broilers in the most efficient and careful manner possible. Being careful to avoid broken legs and wings and retain meat quality. So choosing the appropriate logistic solution to transport the broilers from the BroMaxx colony house to the trucks is essential.

The new BroMaxx Mobile Conveyor enables harvesting of all tiers and rows of the BroMaxx colony system at the same time! The easy transportable system is placed behind the BroMaxx broiler colony system. It ensures a safe transfer from broilers out of the housing system towards one side of the house. Simultaneous running of all belts not only ensures a high harvesting capacity, but also saves time and labour.

This latest innovation in harvesting systems for broilers will be introduced during VIV ASIA 2015 (11-13 March). For a detailed meeting and calculation how the BroMaxx Mobile Conveyor will contribute to your success and performance you can visit booth H105.F001.

Fabian Brockotter Editor in Chief, Poultry World