New culture to keep listeria at bay

12-09-2007 | |

Listeria is a constant concern in the meat and prepared foods industry. However, a new weapon released in the industry may be of considerable benefit.

At FIE 2007, global ingredients supplier Chr. Hansen will hand over a new weapon in the battle against the feared food bug to producers of Ready-to-Eat food products. The new culture – B-LC-48 – is a member of the SafeProTM family which already counts several listeria-fighting cultures.
Meeting industry demands
In close cooperation with the industry, Chr. Hansen has developed a natural solution that fights the food bug with lactic acid bacteria. The culture is called B-LC-48.
“It is undeniable that listeria is an increasingly critical issue and a problem to which many food producers have been seeking new solutions,” says Stenby.
The culture is developed to meet the specific demands of the Ready-to-Eat food industry. It is easy to use and, more importantly, does not change the taste or smell of the food products.
“Bio-protection is receiving more and more attention from food producers, and rightly so. A brand in which you have invested time, money and effort is a brand worth protecting. This is further underlined by the fact that global companies with a global food distribution chain have a higher risk profile in terms of food bugs such as listeria,” explains Eva Stenby, marketing manager, Chr. Hansen.
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