New disinfectant to help fight bird flu

28-11-2007 | |
New disinfectant to help fight bird flu

Major concerns arise regarding bird flu being more of a threat ahead of the cold winter season. Now, a new disinfectant against AI has been launched, which can withstand -25°C.

BioPhen Plus, a disinfectant against avian influenza, as well as other viruses, bacteria, moulds and fungi, has been launched by Biolink Ltd., Yorkshire.
The product, which is Defra-approved for diseases of poultry orders, is a mixture of phenols, surfactants and organic acids giving a broad spectrum of activity. It is suitable for all non-dairy livestock housing, vehicles and abattoirs and has the ability to work in in both hard and soft water.
Biolink has also developed a special antifreeze solution to ensure the disinfectant remains liquid in exposed and vulnerable positions in winter, such as foot mats, wheel- and foot-dips, which are vital to bio-security during disease outbreaks.
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