New feed enzyme lowers protein costs in broiler diets

23-10-2008 | |

DSM and Novozymes launch Ronozyme® ProAct, the first pure protease for the poultry industry, which reduces feed costs by maximising protein utilisation and improving nutritional value.

Ronozyme® ProAct unlocks the nutritional value of a large variety of feed proteins by complementing the activity of digestive enzymes, such as pepsin and pancreatic proteases.

Due to increasing costs of raw materials, the poultry industry is under high pressure. Higher feeding costs reduce profit and place stress on the entire industry. This new feed enzyme gives a way to actively minimise these rising feed costs.
Ronozyme® ProAct is launched first in Brazil, and registration processes have been initiated globally. The product is the newest feed enzyme in the range of Ronozyme® enzymes and is fully compatible with phytases and other feed enzymes commonly used.
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