New look of Pfizer Poultry Health to be unveiled at IPE

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Visitors to January’s International Poultry Expo (IPE) in Atlanta, USA, will be the first to see the new, expanded portfolio from Pfizer Poultry Health.

The acquisition of Ford Dodge Animal Health by Pfizer in 2009 made the company a major player in the global poultry health market. IPE will be the first opportunity for the company to unveil its new and expanded range of products for the poultry business.

“This is an exciting time for us,” said Dr. Kirk Adams, group director of global marketing, new business and strategic planning for Pfizer Poultry Health. “The portfolios of the two companies fit together very well, so we have been able to expand our portfolio without having to divest any major products.
IPE is our first opportunity to showcase our full range of products and services and to show the commitment we have to the poultry industry.”
By the time the acquisition was announced in the second half of 2009, both Pfizer Poultry Health and Fort Dodge Animal Health had already booked their places at IPE. As a result, Pfizer Poultry Health will now have two booths at the expo (1749 in Hall A & 3917 in Hall B).
Prior to the acquisition, Pfizer Poultry Health was known as strong player in the field of in ovo vaccination technology thanks to its development of the Embrex Inovoject System. The addition of the Fort Dodge Animal Health products means that the company can now also offer nearly 90 different vaccines, including well- known brands such as Poulvac.
However, according to Dr. Adams, the expanded product range is only one part of the new offering:
“Not only do we have many more products, but we also have many talented and knowledgeable colleagues to support them. Our aim is to leverage our global expertise and make it available locally to individual customers. By doing that, we can add value to our customers’ businesses that goes way beyond the provision of products.”
The company is also planning to increase its research and development spend and to expand some of its regional offices to give it greater international presence.
“IPE is an international event, so what better place to unveil a truly international company,” said Dr. Adams. “Poultry is now a global industry and we cannot afford to ignore what is happening in other markets. What we can do is bring that global experience to every producer’s door, no matter where that might be.”
IPE runs from January 27 to 29 at the Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta.
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