New marketing trends for poultry

19-10-2009 | |

The power of technology, with particular mention to the Internet, is playing a greater and more significant role in the world today.

This is also evident in social-networking websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, which have becoming extremely popular with people of all ages and from all corners of the world, making everything in this world so horizontal.
In the marketing world, the key to success depends on the ability to understand, interpret and utilise the opportunities available, along with the development and change of era and technology.

Many poultry websites are currently getting involved in social networking sites by showing the banner of Facebook and Twitter on their websites in order to catch more customers/consumers and to give the fastest and most up-to-date info to their followers. What is more interesting is that with the Internet, all the customers/consumers are not only able to access and read this information, but can also interact and leave comments.

So, there are no boundaries of distance and time, as was the case some years ago. In this sense, it is proving important that every company related to poultry pay much attention on their websites and to utilise and benefit from social networking trends.

In this “New Wave Marketing” era, local poultry company could become known globally, and an off-line poultry world could be an on-line poultry world.

How about your company?