New online portal for the int’l egg industry

08-08-2008 | |

Global E-Trading NV (GET) has announced that it will launch an Eggs specific portal as part of its portfolio of trading portals for the fresh and frozen produce industry.

The portal will be launched on the trading site – recognized as the leading B2B portal for members of the fresh and frozen industry, allowing them to find news and trading opportunities worldwide. is an online B2B portal initiative where members of the fresh and frozen industry gather online daily. According to portal manager Robert Methorst, the eFresh portal has opened a whole new world of global trading and B2B opportunities for the international Eggs industry.
“Staff at most companies dealing in Eggs and Egg products realise that there are a global network of peers ready to establish contact online,” Methorst noted. “Problem is: Where to find these individuals in one place in the vast expanse of the Internet? That is precisely what the new Eggs Portal will offer – a gathering place of credible companies where producers can list their products and futures on a daily basis, and where buyers can select their suppliers, pick their products and deal one and one with their trading partners.”
Registered users of the new portal will be able to trade Eggs and Egg products in several specialised categories, including: chicken eggs, quail eggs, guinea fowl, duck eggs, ostrich eggs, goose eggs, and processed items such as egg powder products.
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