New product features for XTRACT™ 6930

04-03-2009 | |

Pancosma introduced new product features for its market leading plant extract brand for monogastrics named XTRACT™ 6930.

The product is a unique micro-encapsulated 3-way-combination of Carvacrol, Cinnamaldehyde and Capsicum Oleoresin created for its proven effects in poultry nutrition. Numerous feeding trials have proven and quantified the positive effects of this product on poultry performance and profitability in modern poultry meat production.

Lower-cost feed formulations

Based on the improved digestibility of nutrients by the product, an extensive research programme with Universities in USA and Brazil recently showed a scientifically validated energy upper value of the product in the feed. It can therefore be used in lower-cost feed formulations.

Nutrigenomic effect

Also new research work examined with Dr. Hyun Lillehoj, USDA Beltsville (USA), shows a remarkable “nutrigenomic” effect of the product on cellular metabolism through gene and protein expressions. The main benefits reported are a stimulation of lymphocyte proliferation as well as enhancement of the immune status.

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Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist