New product in Indian poultry market

30-09-2010 | |

Biozene Labs has started distributing Norel’s products for the Indian poultry market.

Dr.H.J.Singh. Marketing Director of BIOZENE Labs said: “Biozene Labs is an upcoming biotechnology company with interests in poultry nutrition, biosecurity, immune interventions, diagnostics and general animal health products.

“Our company executives have a cumulative experience of more than 80 years in the technology and marketing of various livestock health and nutritional products. Biozene Labs is committed to providing technical backup from a stateof the art support laboratory to identify problem areas in nutrition, infectious and non‐infectious diseases and providing solutions.

“We have joined forces with a leading feed additives producer. Norel’s high quality products complying with EU standards and Biozene Lab’s commitment are an assurance that Indian livestock industry shall benefit like never before and reap the harvest of innovative approaches in animal nutrition” he concluded.

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