New product restores electrolyte balance in stressed poultry

30-07-2010 | |
New product restores electrolyte balance in stressed poultry

High temperatures can put poultry, under great stress, increasing respiration rates and resulting in loss of body fluids. Water is regarded as the most important tool in combating this but doesn’t replace important electrolytes.

AviPro Granule Anilyte, from Lohmann Animal Health, has been developed to counteract this problem by replenishing essential electrolytes. It is a water-soluble effervescent granulated product designed to be added to the drinking water over short periods of 3-10 days.

Its use is especially recommended during peaks in performance, before transport and when the bird’s system loses balance due to reduced water uptake. This can be the result of disease, change of housing or transportation. Supplementation is also advised during times of increased fluid excretion — from diarrhoea as well as prolonged periods of high temperatures resulting in heat stress.

Anilyte provides sodium chloride, potassium chloride, magnesium sulphate and citric acid. Sodium chloride is important for water distribution in the body, potassium chloride is necessary for nerve cells and the cardiac conduction system while magnesium sulphate has an osmotic effect in the intestine and supports renal function.

This combination of electrolytes is especially indicated to restore the body’s acid imbalance during hyperventilation in birds caused by heat stress.

The free-flowing white granules are added to the drinking system at the rate of 300 g (1 bottle) per 500 litres of water. Produced by an innovative technique developed by Lohmann Animal Health, they dissolve very rapidly and leave no sediment. Anilyte has an aniseed flavour which stimulates water uptake, particularly in game birds, and during convalescent periods.

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