Newcastle disease, not bird flu, in Ghana

03-07-2006 | |

Dr Ben Aniwah, Regional Manager of Veterinary Services in the Volta region in Ghana, has observed that many birds with strange symptoms taken for laboratory tests were not infected with bird flu, but with Newcastle disease, which is common in local birds.

He said that the country’s poultry and poultry products were free from the avian influenza virus and therefore safe for human consumption.

Dr Aniwah, speaking at a workshop organised by the Ghana Agro Food Company Limited (GAFCO) for poultry farmers in the Volta Region on bird flu said there was no indication that bird flu could be spread to humans through the consumption of poultry and eggs.

Dr Aniwah said consumers only have to cook poultry meat thoroughly at a temperature above 70 degrees to kill any germs present in the meat. He called on farmers and the general public to report any symptoms of Newcastle disease to the nearest veterinary office or animal health care centre because the fight was still on.

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