Nigerian bank to develop its own poultry farm

04-07-2011 | |

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) is making plans to build its own poultry farm, which will, upon completion, be the largest poultry farm in Nigeria.

This is in line with the latest direction of the CBN of becoming a diversified and profitable entity. To further this dual purpose of profitability and diversification, the new CBN poultry will supply the public with eggs and old layers.  It will also supply chicken and eggs to the planned CBN hotel and conference centre. The CBN is confident of the profit potentials of its latest ventures as both the poultry and the CBN Hotel will rely on the long awaited CBN power plant for cheap power supply. Issues hampering the implementation plan for the CBN poultry were the delays caused by other stakeholders at the CBN who believe that hospital development is more lucrative. 

Ad Bal Freelance journalist
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