Novus celebrates egg day around the world

08-10-2010 | |

Novus International is partnering with industry associations on two continents to celebrate World Egg Day (October 8th) and bring awareness to the affordability and nutritional value of eggs.

The World Health Organization states that hunger is the single largest threat to public health. As our population increases, incomes will raise, diets will diversify and the demand for food will increase. Populations will demand a broader portfolio of foods particularly proteins such as poultry meat and eggs. These growth trends will continue for many years and will strain the food chain from field to fork. Novus International is taking steps to answer this demand through promotion of the most economical source of protein, the egg.

“In conjunction with the celebration of World Egg Day, and in support of our corporate vision, we are partnering with the egg industry in Africa and North America to promote the nutritional benefits of eggs”, said said Dr. Giovanni Gasperoni, Executive Vice President, Marketing and Sales, Novus International.

Novus has prepared resource kits for egg industry associations in Africa and North America to utilise through their various distribution channels including schools, clinics and workplaces. The materials in each kit carry the message “I Know the Truth About Eggs” and point to the informational website

Materials have been structured to specifically target parents, children, educators and athletic adults. “Being the most accessible, affordable and easy to prepare food, our unwarranted assistance with marketing materials for these proteins demonstrates our commitment to the industry,” stated Scott Carter, Global Market Manager, Poultry, Novus International.  “This opportunity will allow us to transfer knowledge in a fun, interactive environment, with communities around the world.”