Nutraferma announces plant expansion

01-08-2011 | |

Feed manufacturer, Nutraferma will begin a major expansion of their production facility in North Sioux City, South Dakota, in order to supply increased demand of its flagship product, PepSoyGen.

According to company President, Eric Lohry, “We are very pleased with the success customers have had with our products. This expansion will not only supply the growing demand for our high-quality protein, but will also enable us to manufacture several new products.”

In addition to PepSoyGen, Nutraferma manufactures a unique direct-fed microbial, Natufermen, and will be introducing other new products in the third quarter of this year.

Construction will begin in the coming weeks with phase one to be completed by this fall.  

Nutraferma employs advanced technology, applying a solid-state fermentation technique to process plant origin materials into high-quality animal feed ingredients.  In addition to unique protein products and direct-fed microbials, the company will be producing yeast culture.  Nutraferma conducts business in the United States and globally.

Source: Nutraferma