Nutritional value of extruded full-fat soybean meal for poultry

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Nutritional value of extruded full-fat soybean meal for poultry

Properly processed extruded full-fat soybean meal is a high-quality source of energy and protein for poultry.


High-shear extrusion processing deals with a short-time (20sec), high-temperature (up to 320°F) and high-pressure (40 atm) cooking condition which leads to rupturing cell wall, liberating oil, and protein denaturation.
Consequently, lipolytic enzymes and anti-nutritional factors (trypsin inhibitors and urease) will be deactivated. The nutritional quality and amino acid digestibility of properly processed extruded soybean meal is remarkably better than conventional soybean meal (solvent). Typical US whole soybeans contain about 38% crude protein and 19.5% oil (acid hydrolysis).
The extruded full-fat soybeans have the same amount of protein and oil but lower moisture content.
By using extruded full-fat soybean meal in the poultry feed (TMEn: >3800 Kcal/Kg), there won’t be any need for added fat. Also, there won’t be a need for costly equipment to add fat to the diet in the feedmill (pumps, tanks…). Extruded full-fat soybean meal can also replace a considerable amount of the protein source in the diet.
Factors such as quality, price, availability of other ingredients, production system, age and type of the birds determine the level to which extruded full-fat soybean meal can be used in the diet.
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