NZ egg producers condemn activists’ actions

10-10-2007 | |

Dozens of battery hens are being freed all over New Zealand, however, not at the demand of the farmer, but by groups of people who say they are justified in breaking the law.

New Zealand egg producers have condemned the actions taken by a group of activists raiding battery hen farms and freeing dozens of the hens. The activists believe they are justified in breaking the law because, according to them, the farmers’ actions are far worse.
“If people believe that there is a breach of the animal welfare laws then those concerns should be raised with the appropriate regulatory body … and let the legal process take its course,” said executive director of the Egg Producers Federation, Michael Brooks. “The EPF does not support any farmer proven to be in breach of animal welfare laws.”
Christchurch Open Rescue, one of three open rescue groups carrying out raids around the country, recently took 37 hens from their cages at a private Canterbury battery farm. In another raid about two months ago at another farm, it released about 30 of the birds.
“Obviously it is illegal, but the consequences we’ll deal with,” said Christchurch Open Rescue spokesman Daniel Rae. According to him, the egg farmers are in breach of the Animal Welfare Act.