Pakistan poultry industry in critical stage

27-06-2007 | |

The poultry industry in Pakistan is passing through a crucial stage warranting government’s special attention, said Dr Hasan Sarosh Akram, President, Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI).

He suggested that the government should give incentives for export of poultry products as farmers are facing problems due to rumours of bird flu.
Addressing the poultry farmers businessmen in chamber auditorium, he said that if appropriate remedial measures for the Rs 120 billion (€ 1.474 billion) poultry industry were not taken it would cause huge loss to the government and the loss of thousands of jobs.
Bird flu conspiracy
Dr Akram said that bird flu had caused a huge dent to this industry, which was also troubled by over-production. The rates of day-old chicks are far below their production costs, hurting people especially small farmers, he added.
The RCCI president termed the bird flu rumours a conspiracy against the Asian poultry industry which was flourishing providing their economies a new boost.
But, he said, European economic giants would not allow Asians to prosper. He said that mad cow diseases was really horrible and dangerous for human being as over 140 people died of this disease, while bird flu has no bad effects on human beings.
No casualties
He said that in spite of propaganda at the highest level not a single bird flu casualty was recorded (in Pakistan).
According to the RCCI president the Rawalpindi region is contributing more than 60% to the national Rs 120 billion poultry industry. And the region provides 55% of the breeding stock for poultry due to favourable climate, but introduction of new technologies has shifted this industry to southern Punjab.
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