Pas Reform’s training initiative given the ‘thumbs up’

07-05-2015 | |
Pas Reform’s training initiative given the ‘thumbs up’

Pas Reform Academy together with FoodTechIndonesia (FTI) recently hosted the first in a series of breeder and hatchery management training initiatives for Indonesian poultry professionals.The hands-on training was given the ‘thumbs up’ from delegates who attended the four-day training programme in Surabaya, Indonesia.

Alongside FTI partners from Hendrix Genetics, Van Eck Industrial Hygiene and Larive, Pas Reform Academy led the four-day training programme, creating a unique opportunity for more than 20 farm and hatchery managers from the region to share experience and insights and learn about the latest developments.

Participants included hatchery managers, breeder farm managers and poultry professionals working for companies in Eastern Java such as PT Sierad Produce, AS Putra and PT Janu Putra Group.

Interactive presentations and practical, hands-on training were led by Dr Marleen Boerjan, director of Pas Reform Academy and senior poultry specialist Gerd de Lange, with additional presentations by Peter van de Laar from Van Eck Industrial Hygiene and Willie Blokvoort and Erwan Julianto from ISA.

Training focused on chick quality, egg handling and procedures

With a focus on hatchability, embryo mortality patterns, chick quality and recognising weaknesses in egg handling and procedures, the training created a platform for delegates to form constructive measures for improving hatchery performance in their own, specific hatchery environments.

Bas Kanters, Sales Director Indonesia comments: “Pas Reform Academy was able to deliver practical training that was closely tailored to the local region with a complete understanding of the challenges and questions that face local hatcheries.”

Support with maximising breeding operations

“With this kind of region-specific, selective training, local farm and hatchery managers are being supported on the most practical level to take control of their hatchery processes and conditions, to fully maximise the potential of their breeding operations,” he added.



With a resounding ‘thumbs up’ from delegates at Surabaya, FoodTechIndonesia and Pas Reform Academy have already signed off on additional training events, with at least two further Hatchery Management Training courses to be held in Medan and Jakarta in 2015 and 2016.