Peruvian poultry Co. enters organic fertiliser market

08-11-2013 | |
Peruvian poultry Co. enters organic fertiliser market

Peruvian poultry company, San Fernando, which produces chickens, laying hens and turkeys, is to explore the potential of the organic fertiliser market.

The San Fernando poultry company will enter the fertiliser market under the Mallki brand, a product obtained by the controlled degradation of organic material from birds. The company is the largest poultry producer in Peru and now, supplier of organic fertiliser.

The new fertiliser plant of San Fernando is located 132 kms north of Lima. It is the most modern of Peru, which is capable of producing 100,000 tons of Mallki per year.

So far, the manure from farms not sold. San Fernando’s Department of Research and Development has been working on this project since April 2009 with an investment of 1.5 million dollars. The company expects sales of over 3 million dollars in the first year of life.

The organic fertilizer market in Peru is US$ 200 million a year and it is estimated that demand is 8.6 million tons per year. In addition, it is projected that Peruvian agricultural exports, a sector in constant growth, will exceed US$ 10 billion in 2020.

Mallki is available in two product variants: compost or soil improver and organic fertilizer. Its sale is planned both domestically and for export to Ecuador and Colombia, as these are importers of organic fertilizers for their agriculture.

According to the San Fernando’s marketing manager, Juan Pablo Klingenberger, “this is a product of high purity, stabilized, high hygiene, with appropriate chemical and physical properties, water retainer, free of impurities and pathogens, and structuring soil.”

Christian Villavicencio, San Fernando’s manager of research and development of new markets, says the new product “offers multiple solutions for agricultural exports: reduced water consumption, improves productivity and minimizes losses from impurities.”

Mallki also represents an important step in the company’s San Fernando regarding environmental policy and concern for agricultural soils, since it involves the use of the entire life cycle of their livestock products.

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