Pet chicken medical bills cost owner £2,000

27-08-2007 | |
Pet chicken medical bills cost owner £2,000

Lily, a chicken who lives with her owners in Cwmbran, South Wales, needed several operations after her leg got snagged in a barbed wire fence.

“Our vet said he could try to save her leg and we gave the go-ahead whatever the cost,” says owner of Lily the chicken.
Lily’s owners, Sam and Vicky Mills, took out a bank loan and paid a hefty £2,000 on medical bills. However, even then her medical bills were not over, as Lily was diagnosed with depression.
But 24-year-old owner, Vicky Mills, who loves the chicken, says it was worth it. “”She is a happy hen again and laying eggs regularly for us. She is quite happy to hop around on one leg… And apart from the occasional fall, and having to take extra care when she wants to cross a road, she is back to her chirpy self.”

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