Pfizer Animal Health acquisition of Alpharma expands poultry portfolio

09-03-2011 | |

Pfizer Poultry Health acquisition of Alpharma LLC as part of the company’s acquisition of King Pharmaceuticals has introduced a broader, diversified portfolio of products and services and a wider portfolio of products and services.

“The integration expands Pfizer Poultry Health’s product portfolio and broadens the range of healthcare solutions we can offer our poultry customers. It allows us to enter new therapeutic fields and deliver increased expertise to poultry producers,” said José Francisco Ortiz C., Vice President, Pfizer Poultry Health & New Established Brands.
With this acquisition, Pfizer Poultry Health gains a portfolio of medicated feed additives, water-soluble therapeutics and probiotics and enters the poultry nutrition sector. These products complement Pfizer’s existing range of biologicals, pharmaceuticals and devices and establish Pfizer as a full solutions provider to poultry producers, according to Ortiz. “Our customers will continue to benefit from the skill and expertise of our field team, our industry-leading programs and services and unwavering customer focus.”
The research and development platform established by Pfizer, integrated with the research-laden history of Alpharma, will lead to further advances in poultry health management for poultry producers worldwide.
“Pfizer Poultry Health is aiming to deliver a seamless transition for existing and new customers, with business continuity a primary objective during the integration process,” Ortiz said. “We now look forward to working in partnership with our customers, sharing our strengthened product and service portfolio and delivering unmatched healthcare solutions to the poultry industry.”